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Tired of being charged extra for every little thing your dog/dogs need?  

Shouldn't playtime be part of the experience? 

Isn't medication that your dog needs important enough that you shouldn't have to pay extra to make sure they get it?  


Give your dog a home away from home with The Dog Barn! We treat every dog just like a member of our family. With plenty of love and attention, your dog will attend daycare each day for no additional charge! While safety is our top priority, we believe taking care of your pet is more than that, it's also keeping them happy, healthy and entertained.

When coming to board we ask you bring their food in a sealed container with detailed feeding instructions. Any medication should be labeled with detailed dosage instructions, in original container. You may also bring a bed  or crate that they use at home or another personal item to remind them of home. Let them take a vacation with us while you're away!


Daycare Play dates

Dogs are stimulated both mentally and physically. They will leave worn out and happy after a fun filled day!

Why do dogs benefit from daycare?



-Mental stimulation

-Stress/anxiety relief

-Owner's peace of mind


Dogs must be:

-6 months or older

-Current on vaccinations





-Social with other dogs

-Non aggressive 

-No pit bulls/pit mixes

Behavior Requirements:

Although your dog will be separated by size, age and temperament, they will be socialized in groups. 

Behaviors that are not suited for group play are:

Nipping, growling, snapping, mounting, pinning, biting, rough play that may escalate, nose punching, chest bumping, hunting, dominance, anti social behavior, and simply harassing other dogs will result in a fail. Depending on the behavior the dog may be isolated and the owner asked to collect.

Meet and Greet is required to evaluate your dog/dogs social behavior! This entails a full day of daycare that must be scheduled. We want to make sure The Dog Barn is a good fit for everyone. 

The Dog Barn is always willing to evaluate your dog's behavior on an individual case basis, because first impressions are not necessarily how a dog will behave once accustomed to our facility. Sometimes your dog just "needs a minute" to get used to large groups and stimulation. That being said, you know your dog better than anyone and if you don't think that they will be a good fit for our interactive and social environment, then maybe The Dog Barn isn't for you. Your dog's safety and happiness are what's most important to us

If you have questions or concerns about any requirements, feel free to call and we can discuss options with you.




$45 night

$38 each additional dog



(Much like a hotel, your dog must be collected by 10am on your scheduled day of pickup or an additional daycare charge of $30 will be added to your bill. Extenuating circumstances can be discussed.) 


Daycare only


$24 each additional dog 


Bath and Brush

After a day of rough housing at day care or a long holiday vacation you may want to pick up your dog clean! Rates are based on size and coat condition. At this time we only offer baths not full service grooming.



Price depends on size and coat

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